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A non-surgical nose correction is a safe alternative to surgery with less risks, no downtime and instant results. This treatment can improve your profile and we have seen some amazing results.

Jawline Enhancement

Smooth, balance and define the jawline. To improve the features of the lower face. Can create a natural enhancement, slimming the contours of the face. 

Non- Surgical

Nose Correction

Marionette or Nasolabial Lines

When ageing, the lines that we get between our nose to mouth or mouth to chin can be the most defined on the face. Smooth & remove with this reviving treatment. 

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Remove those frown lines or crows feet, with precisely targeted anti wrinkle injections. We relax the muscles to smooth & prevent wrinkles from appearing.



One of our most popular treatments in clinic. Add volume and definition to the lips, for a perfect pout. 

Cheek Enhancement

A cheek enhancement can improve bone structure & replace lost volume. Can help contour and define facial structure. 



Achieve a natural balance and face shape. Adding filler can provide a perfect balance between nose, lips and chin.

Tear Trough Enhancement

Lack of volume under the eye area can cause dark circles and tired appearance. Refresh your face, replace volume and reduce lines and wrinkles in this delicate area.


Smooth, firm and younger looking skin. Profhilo uses hyaluronic acid and places it into the skin, to regenerate lost collagen & elastin. Provides an instant all over lift, with results lasting up to 12 months. 

BB Glow

Get a flawless , glowing complexion with semi permanent foundation. Perfect for uneven skin tone & stretch marks. Lasting up to 18 months. 

A fave of Kim K, this facial uses your own Plasma Rich Platelets, found in your blood. We micro-needle these into the dermal layers of the skin to promote new cell growth, regeneration of collagen & elastin. This reduced lines & wrinkles, firms, tightens and has an overall botox effect.

Ultimate Booty Enhancement

Want an enhanced, more rounded, lifted booty? Then this non-surgical option is for you. We inject a special form of filler directly into the booty, to enhance its shape, size and position. The procedure is quick & comfortable and results can last up to five years. 

PRP Treatment aka The Vampire Facial

Semi Permanent Makeup

Tired of applying makeup everyday? Brows, Lip Blush, Eyeliner, Lash Enhancements & Beauty Spots. Our skilled practitioner will provide you with naturally looking enhancements which last.


Want perfectly shaped, balanced brows. Created with precision single strokes, to mimic brow hairs. This natural brow enhancement can last up to two years. 


 The ultimate multiple ml package to define, sculpt & perfect your natural features. Our talented aesthetics practitioner, Hannah, uses a skilled trained eye to carefully balance and enhance your features. 

We enhance the cheek bones and chin, to create a beautiful face shape. Then choose from the nose, lips or jaw to complete the transformation.


 The ultimate multiple ml package for men, to define, sculpt & perfect your natural features. A chiselled jaw, strong chin and cheekbones and defined nose, are all created with dermal fillers. To create a contoured, masculine, youthful appearance.

Our talented aesthetics practitioner, Hannah, uses a skilled trained eye to carefully balance and enhance your features. 


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We always advise a full consultation before any aesthetics treatment. to book - head to our online booking system. please note we charge £20 per consultation, which is taken off any treatment taken.